Reward Points

What is Reward Points?

Reward Points is another small way for us to say thank you to our customers. Every time you buy an item from, we credit your account with Reward Points (2% of purchase price) this store credit can be redeemed at for your next purchase. More you buy at more Reward Points you will collect and it all adds-up. The best part each Reward Point is equal to 1 rupee. So go ahead and shop!

Reward Points Expiry

At, we always strive to bring you the best products at the lowest prices and always pass on the savings to you- our customers

Going forward most of the Reward Points will now have an expiry date that means, the Reward Points will expire or will no longer be available after the date of expiration. For all the new Reward Points that will be given from today onwards- validity will be as follows:


1.     Transaction Reward Points. all those Reward Points that will be given as a part of the prepaid order will expire after 150 days- that's 5 months – from the date of issue- that gives you enough time to use them for your favorite products.

2.     Refund Reward Points. Whenever you accept Reward Points in form of refund there will be NO expiry on those. Use them when you want- just like cash.

3.     Awards & Other Reward Points. All the Reward Points you win in contests on our Facebook or twitter page or any other rewards will expire after 180 days.

Note - Reward points are calculated on Approx vaue so sometimes there maybe a difference in total reward points value.